The EXPLOSIVE GUIDE that reveals WHY MEN PLAY WOMEN and what to do about it!
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In a world plagued by dating apps, online websites and so called reality shows spruiking increasingly bizarre advice, getting the right guy would seem easy. It's only a click away. Right? 

The fact is, as many a frustrated woman would testify, is that this new world has opened more opportunities for men to play women better than ever before. And the number of players in the dating and relationship scene has grown exponentially.  

Without some inside knowledge your chances of finding that special man is not good.
Have you...
  • Stared at the phone for days on end, waiting for that elusive phone call after the date you just went on seemed to go so well. Only to second guess yourself for the umpteenth time this year? 
  •  Thought you had “the one”, only for him to disappear off the scene entirely and wonder what happened and only to see him with another woman? 
  •  Been cheated on, even though you thought your sex life was rocking along brilliantly? 
  •  Always seem to attract the men that never quite commit?  
  •  Watched as your girlfriends always seem to get the committed and loyal men while you end up with the players and losers
  •  Had chemistry with an amazing man and a rocking sex life, only to then feel as though you are walking on eggshells and wondering why has he changed
  •  Seemed like you are always being ‘played’ by men and never getting one that wants to have a serious committed relationship?  
  •  Felt manipulated into sex and promised the world, only to get nothing in return and feel used and played?  
If you answered yes to any…or worse yet… ALL…. of these above statements then you are in for a pleasant and SHOCKING surprise.  A good surprise though!  

From world renowned intimacy behaviourist and global sensation Gwyneth Montenegro, comes the much anticipated and SENSATIONAL, CONTROVERSIAL and FORTHRIGHT, manual for the empowered woman.

If you are ready to never be used for sex again or you NEVER EVER want to be PLAYED and MANIPULATED again…then keep reading. What you are about to read, will guarantee that, if used correctly, you will be in the driver’s seat of any relationship you CHOOSE to partake in.

It's true! 
This is the CONTROVERSIAL and SHOCKING title that has got the casanovas and players all stirred up and they want to see this title BANNED (and for good reason). 
This book aims to EXPOSE every dirty little trick used and gets behind the male psyche so that you can see straight through him, and never be played again.

This SHOCKING little manual, will reveal all the stealth new century mind techniques and delve in deep to investigate what goes through the mind of a player. It actually, breaks the typical player down to their inner-most core intimate motivations. 


In fact, once you have uncovered his core intimate motivation, you will be privy to information as to WHY he behaves and does what he does. You will be able to learn how to influence him at a deep level without him even knowing about it.

In this hot little manual, you will learn...
  • How and why men use emotional manipulation to win your heart, only to play you and dump you 
  •  The behavioural cues that give away his underlying core intimate motivation and why and how to use it to covertly influence him, without him even knowing about it 
  •  How to easily detect if he is going to be a possible long-term keeper
  •  How to cheat proof your relationship 
  •  Attract the fulfilling and committed relationship that you deserve 
  •  That there are ten core intimate behaviours that men display that gives clues to his intimate make-up and whether he will likely play or stay 
  •  Why conventional male stereotype roles are having a devastating and disempowering effect on the modern-day woman and how to successfully navigate the dating/relationship world gracefully with your dignity intact. 
  •  How to influence and future proof your relationship and so much more!

Whether you are sick and tired of the dating scene, in an unfulfilling relationship where you are second guessing yourself continuously, the one always attracting the casanovas and players or you wish to be in control of your relationship destiny and claim your birthright as a completely fulfilled and loved, sexual and confident woman. 

This is THE 21st century approach to men which will be sure to give you the confidence so often longed for by the average woman, but only the few astute empowered women know. 

No stone is left unturned in this powerful manual and it will give you a thorough and complete understanding of male intimacy from a unique and powerful perspective.

Be the envy of the sewing circle, the top of the totem pole, when you seem to effortlessly and gracefully attract the loyalty and undivided attention of a long-term stayer. Attract the quality that you deserve…no players again!

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Men Outplayed was meticulously compiled by acclaimed Intimacy Behaviorist Gwyneth Montenegro with input from women across most countries on the globe. 

Other solutions are typically the opinion of one person expressing his or her opinion. This title breaks new ground with testing and feedback from women just like you. 

One such lady who, just last year, was testing techniques listed within, reported that she had a level of success that left her bombshell girlfriend envious. Done right, it works!

Men Outplayed - The Explosive Guide That Reveals Why Men Play Women and What to do About It, is not a light and fluffy read. It gets deep in deep and opens your eyes to a whole new way of thinking. Are you up to it?

Don’t delay, reserve your copy today and start oozing the confidence of those that have that knowing and confidence to attract and keep a quality man whilst repelling the players with ease.

MEN OUTPLAYED is powered by Intimate Profiling. A powerful system made famous by Gwyneth Montenegro.

The EXPLOSIVE GUIDE that reveals WHY MEN PLAY WOMEN and what to do about it!
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